August 20 - 23, 2018
Renaissance Seattle Hotel, Seattle, WA

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Lithium-based Battery Technologies

Fraunhofer shares their presentation on Lithium-based battery types, their applications, and their long and short term strategy for these technologies. 

Hybrid Electric DEP Systems Inch Closer

This article examines the status of the move togreener aviatio ...

Speed up for More Electric Aircraft

Specialized materials manufacturer Vacuumschmelze’s whitepaper ...

Path to Affordable MEA

This presentation by Honeywell Chief Engineer Electromechanical Power Systems, Evgeni Ganev, serves to highlight the benefits of MEA and how we can achieve these with a comprehensive to do list of component- and architectural solutions for overall cost reductions in More Electric Aircraft. < ...

Safran Research & Technology for More Electric Aircraft

Safran on MEA technology challenges and opportunities:Research and technology activities in MEATechnology challenges and opportunitiesPropulsionby John Batchelet, Chief Engineer Electronics Safran

13 Innovators Paving the Way Toward Electric Air Transport

The exponential growth in air travel is projected to triple greenhouse gas emissions from aviation by 2050. Traditional aerospace companies are investing heavily in research projects aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating CO2 emissions from short- and long-range air travel, ...

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Hybrid Electric Propulsion Systems for Aircrafts

A decade or two back, virtually every transport ran on fossil fuels and combustion engines. These engines, even with their low efficiencies and pollution issues, had no viable replacements and therefore persisted. However, past 20 years have seen an enormous shift towards ‘cleaner’ energy. With fossil fuels being eliminated out...

New MEA Plane Designs & an Interview with Safran

This article examines the current state of MEA plane designs, the industry focus on Energy Optimized Aircraft, what projects are currently in testing phase, and the many advantages to switching from hydraulic actuators to electric ones. 

Electrifying the Future

In an era of global warming, ever increasing levels of carbon in the atmosphere, and increasingly dirty and expensive methods being required to extract fossil fuels, the time is right for the aviation industry to explore innovative new propolusion technologies.Read about the electric future and the disrupters driving the aviation...

More Electric Aircraft Electro-Mechanical Actuator Regenerated Power Management

Dr. Christian Ian Hill from the University of Nottingham gave a presentation on last years conference about causes of regeneration in EMAs, options for energy management, modelica library for electro-mechanical actuator system studies including fault scenarios and losses, AC distribution and aircraft electrical power systems.

Multi-Megawatt Electric Power Sytems for Aircraft Propulsion

The aircraft industry is looking seriously at Hybrid Electric aircraft to allow a distributed propulsion approach (HEDP).Peter Malkin from the University of Newcastle shares his presentation and gives insights into these systems, highlighting the usage of large multi megawatt electric power networks that can meet the requirements of aerospace applications...

Accounting for Power and Thermal Effects Early in the Aircraft Design Process

Darcy Allison from Air Force Reserach Laboratory shows insights into optimized integrated multidisciplinary sytems (OPTIMUS). Look at his presentation from last years conference and read about their in-house AFRL OPTIMUS program, including design analysis and optimization, effectiveness-based design, centrality of propulsion system to thermal subsystem and aircraft performance and approaches to...

Power Electronics - The Enabling Technology for Future Aircraft

Professor Pat Wheeler from the University of Nottingham shares his presentation on the following topics:Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research GroupThe More Electric Aircraft & All Electric AircraftCase Study: Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems for Civil AircraftCase Study: Aircraft Starter/Generator

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Attendee Snapshot - MEA 2016

Inside you’ll learn:Who attended MEA Hamburg & Seattle in 2016Which industries were represented at the eventWhat the job function and seniority of attendees wereWhere the biggest investments will be in the futureWhat regions and markets will play a growing role

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