13 Innovators Paving the Way Toward Electric Air Transport

13 Innovators Paving the Way Toward Electric Air Transport

The exponential growth in air travel is projected to triple greenhouse gas emissions from aviation by 2050. Traditional aerospace companies are investing heavily in research projects aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating CO2 emissions from short- and long-range air travel, making sustainable electric air mobility an attainable goal in the near future. 

But it isn't only established companies making strides - there are several aviation startups attracting big-ticket investments in their technologies that are expected to disrupt the industry in more ways than one. 

Although there is a lot of work to be done in lightweight power sources, energy storage, thermal management, and optimal system design, this article presents the 13 key players leading the charge in the sector. Click 'Download' below to learn more about their innovations and the challenges to overcome:

The latest developments, projects, and investments disrupting the field of More Electric Aircraft

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